Giacomo Bisaro during the shooting of Cosmogonia
My name is Giacomo Bisaro, i'm a composer and media artist from a small town called Pordenone, in the north-east of Italy.

I've played with guitars and cameras since i was a kid, but I mastered my skills studying audiovisual composition and working as an audio and video technician at the Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini of Trieste, Music and New Technologies department.

In my artistic research, i covered many roles producing sound and video.

I'm an electronic music composer and sound designer, so i make beats, but also academic pieces and movie scores.

As a visual artist, I shot, produce music videos, graphic animations, short movies.

I've also, alone and in a team, developed various interactive installations, taking part both in the design and realization.

In almost all of my works, you will also hear/see the result of my craftsmanship and coding. Part of my instruments are handmade and many Visions are code-generated.

I produce sounds and visions under the name of No-oN.
This alias can be read and pronounced in many ways, it has not a unique meaning.
It is more a way to identify a point of view, or many point of views.
The term No-oN can be the presence of the opposites { [ No ] , [ oN ] }, the time in the middle { noon }, is { noon(e) }...

For a complete Resume (and recent activity), check the "WHATS UP? - and what happened?" section.

Here you can find my curriculum: ITA | ENG.
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